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KASHMIR (1846-1947):

Maharaja Gulab Singh (1846-1856)

• Brought into the world on seventeenth Oct 1792.He is regraded as the Founder of the Dogra Line of Jammu and Kashmir.He left his local country for Lahore and entered Maharaja Ranjit Singh administrations as a simple officer.Clash of Gumat/Battle of Jammu 1808.Due to Gulab's Singh commendable of the administrations in different campaigns on seventeenth June 1822. The organization of Jammu was at long last moved to Gulab Singh. He helped sikh against Miandido and as a reward was given the Jagir of Jammu on seventeenth June 1822. The crowning ceremony was finished by Maharaja Ranjit Singh under the Jiopota Tree on the bank of stream Chennab in Akhnoor and consequently Gulab Singh became Raja Gulab Singh.Gulab Singh had two siblings:Mian Dhian Singh. →Mian Suchet Singh or Mian Sahib Suchet Singh.Mian Dhian Singh was given the title of"Raja of Bhimber" by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He is the longest serving Diwan under Sikh domain (25 years).After the demise of Mian Sahib Suchet Singh all his Jagirs were given to Maharaja Ranbir Singh.In 1821, Gulab Singh caught Rajouri from Aghar Khan for Sikh realm and set Rahim-ul-Khan as the new Raja by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.Kishtwar was attached by Gulab Singh and was helped by General Zorawar Singh from Raja Tegh Singh (Raja Tegh Mohd Singh).After sixteenth March 1846in the Treaty of Amritsar Gulab Singh declared himself as the first Maharaja of J&K concerning the first time limit decamation occurred (second biggest primely state if there should be an occurrence of region later Hyderabad).

• Maharaja Gulab Singh attempted a few crutial changes.Deptt of the Maharaja after the style of the incomparable Mughals of Delhi named Dafter-I-Dewani Daftar-I-Nizamat was another regulatory deptt to keep land records many towns Dogra Kingdom was isolated into a few regions, and werefurther partitioned into a few parganas (locale). The top in each parganas product Zilahdar (Dist official),Thanadar (Police officials) and Qanungo(Income official).Maharaja was the most noteworthy Court of Justice Drove out the Bombas and Khokhas( Neighborhood slope clans present day POK) from the valley.The rearrangement of the Shawl division was a squeezing issue and required the quick conside ration of the Maharaja for this the division called Dagshaul was made.He attempted changes in Begar framework(Constrained work), but it was not annulled during his rule.Kept the underpinning of Dharmarth Trust.Development of Shahdara Shareef.

• He likewise built strairs of Shankara Charaya Temple which is committed to Master Shiv.Dhanidhar Fort or Rajouri Fort:Built by Mian Hathu (Governor of Rajouri), designated by Maharaja Gulab singh himself. Fruition in 1855.It went about as a Storage house for storehouses,safe spot and protection reason for Dogra Kingdom.

Maharaja Ranbir Singh (1856-1885):

• 2 years before the passing of Maharaja Gulab Singh, he introduced Maharaja Ranbir Singh as his replacement.Brought into the world on 1829 at the post of Ramgarh.At the age of 14, he was hitched to the little girl of Raja Bijay Singh.He finished the development of Raghunath Temple which was begun by Maharaja Gulab Singh.He was a trailblazer in the field of training & did alot for training. Laid out Sanskrit Pathshala in the complex of Raghunath Temple.Meant 1,00,000 rupee to set up Punjab College at Lahore He attempted Reforms in the field of organization, laid out three primary offices.(1) Dafter Nizamat.(2) Daftar Diwani. (3) Daftar Jangi

• The Jammu territory was separated into seven wazarats and the Kashmir territory was separated into six wazarats 1873, a blended court containing a British disconnected and a common appointed authority of the state was laid out.1855, Sadar Adalats were laid out both in Jammu and Srinagar.He further developed method for transport and correspondence. The development of the truck street among Rawalpindi and Srinagar was begun towards the finish of this standard.Kaccha street was worked between Jammu associating valley.Wire joins was laid out between Jammu and Srinagar.Maharaja diminished Shaul Tax in 1868.Maharaja Ranbir Singh presented his own cash. The state mint cash was shut 12 years after his passing in 1897 AD.At the point when British money was presented.For the first time throughout the entire existence of the express correctional Code was presented. It was drawn upon the lines of Macanlay's Code and contained 100 segments as it were.Maharaja Ranbir Singh expansiveness his toward the end in fourteenth September 1885 followed by Maharaja Pratap Singh.

Maharaja Pratap Singh (1885-1925):

• He Abolished Beggar framework (constrained work).Chitral was over taken by himin 1891. Sir Walter Laurence began new land income settlement which occurred between1889-1895. Banihal truck street was begun and got finished in 1915. It was Maharaja's confidential street later opened for public use in 1922. (The primary designer behind itwas Pandit Laxman Joo tickoo)Message lines were reached out to all significant towns and phone associations among Jammu and Kashmir were laid out.The travel industry expanded during his rule as'Dungas' were changed over into houseboat utilized as home for Britishers.Hydroelectric undertaking at Mohra was dispatched in 1905 during his rule. It was the principal state hydroelectric task with introduced limit of 4 MW as of now it is 9 MW.

• Advancement in the field of water system.Longest and significant being Ranbir Canal in Jammu (Chenab).UJH channel began in 1915 and completed in 1923.Shri Pratap school in 1905 in Srinagar was expanded and development of Pratap Singh Gallery in Srinagar in 1898 was finished during his rule.State laid out Forest Department in 1891

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