The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education was laid out through a regulation under the Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education Act, 1975.The summit body is the administering board including the accompanying individuals:Administrator, J and K State BOSE Commissioner/Secretary EducationDirector School Education (Jammu Division)Director School Education (Kashmir Division)A delegate every one of the two Universities of Jammu and Kashmir separately, to be designated by the concerned University Council.Four teachers to be selected by Government, of whom 2 will be woman educators worried about Girls' Education and 2 male educators worried about Boys' Education.An prominent educationist associated with the organization,to be named by Government.A illustrative of one of the Teacher's Training Institutions in the States, to be assigned by the Government, and2 people named by Government, one male and one female official from among Principals,Headmasters and Headmistress of showing the new  establishments in the State.Secretory, BOSE (Member Secretory)

Elements of BOSE

Lead public assessments of auxiliary and higher optional ClassesPrepare and distribute consequences of examinations Grant recognitions and certificatesPrescribe the courses of guidance, plan of review, get ready prospectuses, educational program and reading material for the School Education according to National Policy on EducationPrint and supply reading material to the School Education DepartmentProvide training through State Open School under open distance learning (ODL) mode for the people who have missed formal schooling Award awards and prizes to praiseworthy understudies in open examinationsGrant connection to private (optional and higher auxiliary) schoolsImplement National Sponsored Schemes like Adolescence Education Program, NTSE/NMMS, Scholarships, National Achievement Survey, and so on.


The Chairman notwithstanding arrangements of the Act and the guidelines made there-under, the Chairman will practice the accompanying powers moreover;I) The Chairman will reserve the privilege to join in and talk at, and in any case partake in any meeting of any Committee of the Board yet will not be qualified for vote on the off chance that he isn't an individual from the Committee.The Chairman will provide impact to the sets of the Board with respect to the arrangemen tsuspension of such people in the work of the Board which the Board is skilled to make under provisos of segment 10 of the Act.The Chairman will practice general administration and command over the undertakings of the Board and will be liable for the discipline of the Board as per the

Act and the Regulations.

 When activity by the Chairman under sub-segment (4) of area 13 of the Act impact any individual in the assistance of the Board, such individual will be qualified for favor an enticement for the Board in no less than thirty days from the date on which activity is imparted to him.The Chairman will have full abilities to:- Sanction re-appointment of assets gave in the endorsed Budget, under the re-appointment rules. Sanction propels against the planned arrangements.Sanction extra-customary contingent use regarding the direct of assessment.Sanction office contingent use, other than additional time/reward use. Sign all checks from move of assets from Receipt Head being worked upon by him to accounts worked upon by the approved officials of the Board.Sanction discounts of misfortune in any singular case not surpassing Rs. 1000/ - likely to a cutoff of Rs. 5000/ - book esteem in a year. Permit free stock of distributions of the Board.To approve all buys to be made surpassing Rs 5000/ - for the Board inside the Financial plan award. 

Approve different things of works under the award given to upkeep of building also premises Accord managerial endorsement to the readiness of appraisals and execution of endorsed works upto Rs 10 lacs including both unique works and fixes inside the Financial plan award under the important head.Sanction advance T. A to the officials other than the clerical and other staff of the Board.Sanction consumption fundamental for the up keep and support of the vehicles of the Board and for the acquisition of extra vehicles OK for the Budget award under the applicable head.Sanction honorarium to the officials, authorities of the Board, in real cases. Endorse re-imbursement of clinical costs brought about by the recipient on his/her treatment or of his/her wards endorsed under rules.Sanction, on the proposals of the Medical Attendant, going through of clinical treatment outside the State for the recipient and his wards endorsed under rules.

Sanction printing of course books, acquisition of paper and other associated material and to approve the installment to printers/carriers for this benefit.Sanction acquisition of books and other perusing material for the Library of the Board as given under the Regulations. Sanction acquisition of different articles of office furniture and different products/devices fundamental for the upkeep of the workplace and the yards of the Board. Suspend an official when he considers it significant on grounds of unfortunate behavior and report it to the Board for affirmation at its next gathering.Sanction advancements to the ecclesiastical, specialized and substandard staff of the Board, Sanction brief foundation on day to day wage premise every now and then for support of the structures and premises.

Sanction leave of numerous types other than easygoing pass on to the officials of the Board and make administering and brief arrangements in their leave game plans as and when vital.Depute officials and authorities of the Board outside the State regarding the work of the Board and to allow officials to go to gatherings/meetings inside and outside the State and authorization repayment of genuine costs on transport caused outside the State. Sanction increases/productivity bars of the multitude of officials.Sanction award of house lease, individual and extraordinary obligation recompenses in authentic cases Appoint impermanent staff for particular work based on such conditions and conditions as might be plausible. 

Assets for the reason might be either from reserve funds under pay rates and foundation or by re-apportionment or by an additional award to be endorsed by the Board Sanction unique advances out of G.P Found Deposits for the officials and the authorities up to the degree allowable under rules. Sanction House Building Advance to the workers of the Board under pertinent Rules/Regulations Fix costs of the Text Books and other Board Publications.Grant such offices and conveniences to the workers of the Board as might be authorized by the State Government now and again.Fix the dates of beginning of different assessments led by the Board.Authorize the statement and distribution of aftereffects of the yearly. 

Semiannual/strengthening/ensuing/exceptional assessments.Authorize, dependent upon the limitations set down in the applicable guidelines,revision in the consequence of an up-and-comer, while impacted attributable to correction of an blunder.Condone in excellent cases the postponement in accommodation of structures, applications and different archives relating to the assessments directed by the Board, where the postponement is occasioned by conditions past the control of the candidate, gave consistently that the applicant has not been at fault for carelessness or extortion. Sanction discount of assessment expense in excellent cases not covered by the Regulations to keep away from genuine difficulty in veritable cases.

Modify, if fundamental, the dates of beginning of different assessments directed by the Board. Sign Qualification Certificates, granted by the Board.Place before the Board the suggestions of the Scholastic Committee in regards to reception/remedy of all Text Books including Text Books on Languages and different subjects endorsed for classes I to Sanction DA to the workers of the Board as might be endorsed by the Central Govt. for its workers every now and then. In the instances of beneficiaries, endorse will be given by the Chairman based on orders gave by the State Govt.in regard of its beneficiaries.Authorize any Officer of the Board to hold up a grumbling under the J&K Counteraction of Unfair means Examination Act of 1987, against any delinquent people before legal judge of top notch.