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Shah Mir under the named Shams-ud-Din begun the Shah Mir Dynasty and prompted the start of sultanate in Kashmir. He had a Commander-in-boss in his military called Lanka Chak.Ali Sher (additionally called as Sultan Alaudin).Ali Sher's child - Shivanasok, managed by the name Shihab-Ud-Din is viewed as Lalitaditya of Medieval Kashmir During his period Hazrat Mir Sayed Hamdani visited Kashmir for first time Prevailed by sibling Hindal who was called Qutab-ud-Din.He for an extremely lengthy time had no child/main beneficiary of leave his realm for, at long last a yogi named Brahmanathfavored the ruler and he was honored with achild.The child was named Shingara, later knownto the set of experiences as Sultan Sikandar Qutab-ud-Din's Queen brought forthanother child "Haibat".

Be that as it may, very early in life the ruler passed on which droveto the section of Rai Magrey (P.M).SHINGARA/SUTLTAN SIKANDAR:He was a minor when delegated for example his mother Haura/Subhatta went about as official.Helped by two capable Minister.Sahaka or Saha Udda or Rai MagreyHaura put to death her own little girl andchild in-regulation as they plotted agains Sikander.

Sikander needed to get Rai Magrey (sentto Ladakh yet crusade was fruitful). Rai Magrey raised the standard of revolt against Sultan. Rai Magrey escaped however was held onto by head of Banihal and shipped off Sikander,hedetained him where Rai committed self destruction. Presently Suha Bhatta becomes CM. During his period Timur attempted toinvadeKashmir referenced in Zafar Namah by Sharif-ud-Din. It is said that Sikandar shipped off his child Shahi Khan to strength the agreeable relations with Timur.

Ruler wedded Mira, who turned into themother of Shahi Khan.Sikandar was exceptionally narrow minded towards other religions. Famously known as But Shikan furthermore, viewed as Aurangred of Kashmir.He was the main ruler of Kashmir touphold Shariat regulations/laws of Islam.To see that these Islamic regulations werepolished appropriately. He laid out the office of "Shaikh-ul-Islam" (under the impact of Sayyed Muhammad Hamadani). He forced - "Jizya and Qashqa" on non-Muslims .Nullified the custom of Sati.Established the town of Sikandarpura and there fabricated a great royal residence and a stupendous Jama Masjid whose Architect wasSadr-ud-Din Khurasani.Established groundwork stone of Id-Gah or EID-Gah in Srinagar which was finished byhis child Sultan Ali Shah.

Built - Khanqash-I-Mulk. Likewise built a mosque close to spring of Bawan.Kicked the bucket in 1413.Prevailed BY SON ALI SHAH Finish of Id-Gah.Just prominent occasion in his short rule wasloss of Ladakh.

Ali Shah went to Mecca givingthe privileged position to his sibling Shahi Khanwho was broadly came to be known as Zain-ul-Abidin.


Shahi Khan rose the privileged position in 1420what's more, styled himself as Zain-ul-Abidin (title given by Ali Shah). Out of the multitude of Sultans of Kashmir, Zain-ul-Abdin was without a doubt the best.He designated his sibling Muhammad Khan as his main Min.Presented an arrangement of cost control.He requested that land sold ought to be enrolled on Bhurja (brich-bark) to check fabrication.Ruler was the most noteworthy court of allure.Viewed as Akbar of Kashmir. Partitioned the country into variousParganes.

Came to be known as Budshah or Bade-Shah his rule is set apart as the brilliant age of Kashmir. King canceled - Jaziya/Jizaya.He got numerous Hindu sacred texts Translated.Mahabharata and Rajatarangini deciphered to Persian by Mullah Ahmed who was his squire. Jonaraja - composed second piece of rajtrangni called Rajatarangini Dvitiya. Srivara composed Raj Tritiy Yadhabhatta composed Zain Parkasha (account of Zain) Zain was extraordinarily impacted by Sheik-

Dar-ud-Din (Alamdar-e-Kashmir).

 Ruler had a had a place spouse called TajKhatun with different spouses accepted to hailfrom Jammu.Development of different trenches: Kakapur trench,Karla trench The ruler fabricates a town named Zainagiriafter her own name in the bank of the trench. Chakdas trench Shahkul/Salalpur trenchAvantipur trench (around Avantipur town).Lachham Kul/Zainaganga. Deface Canal/Nalla Mar Lal Kul/The Pohru Shah Kul/Martand trenchPresented wooden engineering in his country.

• He embellished the town of Zain Nagar with anumber of delightful structures. Zainapur (Shopian)Zainkot (Srinagar)Zainagiri (Sopar) made Zaindab (building)later consumed by chaks. Constructed a modest community named Helalpura. Most prominent accomplishment was development offake island, Zaina lean on Wular lake Sona slender and Rupa  thin (Dal lake) Doctor Sri Bhatt-relieved the ruler from alethal illness.Zain builtZainakadal whose designer wasDamara Kach King Ali Shah.

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