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Lead representative GENERALS OF INDIA Master William Bentinck (1828-1835).Generally liberal and edified among all the Governor-Generals of India,Viewed as the 'Father of Modern Western Education in India'.Cancelation of Sati in 1829.Concealment of Thugi (1830). Passed the Charter Act, of 1833.Statement of Raja of Mysore and addition of his regions (1831).Cancelation of Provincial court of Appeal and arrangement of magistrates all things considered.He was the First Governor General of India.First Medical College was opened in Calcutta in 1835.

Truce with Ranjit Singh(1831).Added Coorg (1834) and Central Cachar (1831).Sir Charles Metcalfe(1835-36) Passed the well known Press Law, which freed the press in India. He is known as the deliverer of press.Master Auckland (1836-42) First Afghan War (1836-42).Demise of Ranjit Singh (1839).Master Ellenborough (1842-44) Stopped the Afghan War(1842) Canceled Slavery Sind was added by Charles Napier.He was designated as First Governor of Sind.

Ruler Hardinge (1844-48) First Anglo-Sikh War and the Treaty of Lahore.Ruler Dalhousie(1848-56)Second Anglo-Sikh War (1848-49) and extension of Punjab.Nullified titles and benefits.Widow Remarriage Act (1856).Presented Doctrine of Lapse.Woods Educational Despatch of 1854.Presentation of the Railway and Telegraph furthermore, the Postal System in 1853.Foundation of a different Public Works Department in each region An Engineering College was laid out at Roorkee.

Wanted to open colleges in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras on the model of Universities of London.Second Anglo-Burmese War (1852).Santhal uprisings (1855-56).Contract Act of 1853.Emissaries OF INDIA Ruler Canning (1856-1862)Revolt of 1857.Colleges of Calcutta, Bombay and Madras were opened in 1857.

He was last Governor-General named by the East India Company what's more, the principal Viceroy.Passed the Government of India Act of 1858, which finished the standard of the East India Company.The Doctrine of Lapse was removed.The Indian Penal Code (1859) was passed. Annual assessment was presented for the initial time in 1858.The Indigo uproars in Bengal.The Indian Councils Act of 1861 was passed, which ended up being a milestone in the established history of India.Indian High Court Act, (1861). 

Under this demonstration, High Courts were opened in 1865.Bombay and Madras established in 1857.Master Elgin-I (1862-63).Wahabi Movement stifled.Sir John Lawrence (1864-69) High Courts were laid out at Calcutta, Bombay and Madras in 1865. Battle with Bhutan in 1865.The Punjab Tenancy Act, was passed.Master Mayo (1869-72) Presentation of monetary decentralization in India and made the primary Provincial Settlement in 1870. 

He laid out the Department of Horticulture and Commerce.He coordinated the Statistical Survey of India. In 1872, the main Census was done in India. He laid out the Rajkot College in Kathiawar and Mayo College at Ajmer.He was the main Viceroy to be killed He presented state railroads.RulerNorthbrook (1872-76) In 1872, Kuka Rebellion in Punjab drove by Slam Singh. Starvation in Bihar (1876).

Surrendered over Afghanistan question

Preliminary of Gaekwads of Baroda.Ruler Lytton (1876-80)Most disagreeable Viceroy of India Organized the Grand Darbar in Delhi (in 1877), when the nation was languishing from extreme starvation Sovereign Victoria was announced as Kaiser-I-Hind. He passed Arms Act, (1878) the notorious Vernacular Press Act, (1878) and brought down the most extreme time of ICS from 21 to 19 years.Second Anglo-Afgan War 1878-80.Starvation Commission under Starchy was designated by him in 1878.He was designated by the Liberal Party under Gladstone. Revoked the Vernacular Press Act in 1882.

The primary Factory Act, came in 1881(Further develop the work condition). In provincial regions, Local Boards were set-up in 1889,Madras Local Board Act, was passed. He was broadly known as "Father of Local Self Government".First Official Census in Quite a while (1881).Starvation code was taken on (1883).Designated Hunter Commission for Instructive changes in 1882.Ilbeqrt Bill Controversy (1883-84), which engaged Indian Judges to ask into European cases Underpinning of Punjab University.Master Dufferin (1884-88) Third Anglo-Burmese War and addition of Burma 1885 Development of Indian National Congress (INC) in 1885.Bengal Tenacy Act, in 1885.

Dufferin called the Indian National Congress as 'minuscule minority'.Master Lansdowne(1888-94).Production line Act, of 1891.Indian Council Act, of 1892.Common Services were characterized Imperial Commonplace and Subordinate administrations.

Arrangement of Durand Commission in 1893 to characterize the line between British India and Afghanistan.Ruler Elgin II (1894-1899)The Santhal uprising of 1899.Munda uprising of 1899.Lyall Commission delegated after starvation Death of two British authorities by the Chapekar siblings in 1897.Plague spread in Bombay.Master Curzon (1899-1905)Designated a Police Commission in 1902 under Andrew Frazer.

Colleges Commission designated in 1902, under Thomas Railey.Indian Universities Act, passed in 1904.Starvation Commission under Macdonell.Another Department of Commerce and Industry laid out.Parcel of Bengal (sixteenth October, 1905).The risings of the outskirts clans in 1897-98 driven him to make the North-Western Outskirts Province.He passed the Ancient Monuments Insurance Act, (1904) to reestablish India's social legacy. Accordingly, the Archeological Review of India was laid out.Passed the Indian Coinage and Paper Money Act, (1899) and put India on a best quality level.PUSA Agricultural Institute in 1903.

Foundation of Hindu Mahasabha by Madan Mohan Malviya (1915).Gandhiji returned to India from South Africa (1915).Master Chelmsford (1916-21) Administration of India Act, 1919 too known as Montague-Chelms ford Changes.Oppressive Rowlatt Act, (1919). Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (thirteenth April, 1919).Home Rule Movement both by Tilak what's more, Annie Beasant.Saddler Commission on Education in 1917.Arrangement of Hunter Commission to investigate Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy.Offices of Prince, 1921,laid out.Non Co-activity Movement Started,Khilafat development started.An Indian Sir SP Sinha was named as the Governor of Bengal.Passing of Tilak (1920).Ruler Reading (1921-1926) Rowlatt Act was canceled alongside press   Demonstration of 1910.Moplah Rebellion (1921) occurred in Kerala.Chauri-Chaura episode and withdrawal of Non-Coperation Movement.Arrangement of Swaraj Party by CR Das and Motilal Nehru (1923).Socialist Faction of India established by MN Roy (1925).

Kakori Train Conspiracy (1925).Vishwabharati University (1922).Lee Commission (1924) for public administrations. Youthful Hilton Committee for money notes (1926).Regal Commission on agribusiness.Rss established in 1925.Murder of Swami Shraddhanand.Master Irwin (1926-1931)

Simon Commission visited India in 1928.

Buttler Commission in 1927 Deepawali statement by Lord Irwin (1929) All India Youth Congress, 1928. Nehru Report, 1928. Lahore Session of the Congress, (1929) what's more, Poorna Swaraj statement.First Round Table Conference 1930,congress boycotted it.Common Disobedience Movement, 1930 begun with.Dandi March (twelfth March, 1930).

Gandhi-Irwin Pact, fifth March, 1931.Sharda Act, 1929, under which eligible period of young ladies (14 years) and young men (18 years) was raised.Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose established Independence of India Association.Ruler Wellington (1931-1936) Second and Third Round Table Meetings.

Public Award by Mcdonald (British PM). Administration of India Act, 1935.Poona Pact was agreed upon.During his period Orissa was isolated from Bihar (1936) and another area Sind was made (1936), Burma isolated from India too in 1935.All India Kisan Sabha, 1936 Underpinning of Congress Socialist Party 1934.Master Linlithgow (1936-43) First General Election (1936-37)Congress Ministries.SC Bose leader of 51st INC (1938).Forward Bloc established in 1939 Liberation day by Muslim League 1939.

Lahore Resolution of Muslim League (1940) request of Pakistan.August Offer, 1940.''Partition and Quit'' at the Karachi Session(1940). Passing of Quit India goal (1942).In Haripura Session (1939) of Congress,announced Complete Independence.Cripps Mission, 1942.Stop India Movement, 1942.In 1943, Muslim League celebrated 'Pakistan day'.Master Wavell (1943-47) CR Formula (Rajaji Formula), 1944.Wavell Plan and Shimla Conference,1945.Bureau Mission came to India in May,1946.

 The Congress and the Muslim association both dismissed its proposition.Muslim League celebrated sixteenth August, 1946 as 'Direct Action Day'.INA preliminaries and the Naval Mutiny, 1946.Master Mountbatten(Walk to August, 1947)June third arrangement.Last British Viceroy of British India.First Governor-General of free India.Limit commissions under Radcliffe.Presentation of Indian Independence Bill in the House of Commons.C Rajagopalachari Last Governor-General of India.The main Indian Governor-General to stay in office from 21st June, 1948 to 25th January, 1950.

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